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Viraday 300mg




Viraday 300mg tablet is used for treating HIV infection. It is a combination of antiretroviral drugs—Viraday effects on HIV patients positively, by boosting their immunity to deal with HIV to manage AIDS. The medication restricts the HIV infection in the body. Also, it reduces the risks of getting other inconveniences related to HIV, which helps to boost the lifespan of the infected person.

The medication should be taken at the same time daily without any gaps in dosage to increase the effectiveness of the medicine. Missing a dose will affect the recovery process. It is required to complete the full medication course unless the doctor advises otherwise. You may buy viraday 300mg online after being prescribed by your doctor from online meds sites. Online pharmaceutical companies let patients Buy viraday tablet on sale organized by them at comparably low prices.

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How to use Viraday 300mg tablets

Viraday tablets should be taken on an empty stomach. Do not break or grind down the pills. Follow the instructions given by the doctor for the dose and duration needed. Before starting the use of viraday tablets, make sure to inform your health care expert/ doctor, about your medical record and current medical scenario. Order viraday online through med apps or websites, once approved by the doctor and receive the required quantity of tablets.

Viraday tablets may show some side effects, so it is advised to avoid alcohol consumption as it may intensify the risks of side effects. The general experience of the patients is bone pain; to cope up with probable bone deficiency, doctors usually prescribe vitamin D and calcium supplements along with Viraday tablets.

Working of Viraday 300mg tablets

Viraday Tablet is a mixture of three antiviral drugs:  Emtricitabine, Efavirenz, Tenofovir disoproxil fumarate. They prevent HIV (virus) from multiplying, thereby curtailing the percentage of the virus in your body. They also boost the CD4 cell count in your body, that is, the white blood cells that protect against infection.

HIV patients should not share their personal belongings with other persons such as washcloths, toothbrush, razor, etc., to stop the potential spread of infection.

Side effects

Potential side effects of viraday that occur should be left alone without any medical attention and as they are likely to go away as your body submits to the therapy. Consult your doctor if they remain or if you are feeling uneasy about them.

Common side effects of Viraday

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Headache
  • Nightmare
  • Depression
  • Dizziness
  • Flatulence
  • Drowsiness
  • Insomnia (difficulty in sleeping)
  • Rash

Before commencing with the treatment, you should talk with your doctor about your medical and physical condition, say, if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or any kidney, bone, or liver disease. Your doctor may propose regular blood tests in order to keep a check on your blood counts, kidney function, and liver function.


  • As the medication causes dizziness and drowsiness, alcohol consumption is advised to be prohibited.
  • Use of machinery, driving, or performing any other job that requires proper attention should be avoided.
  • Consult your doctor if you are planning a pregnancy or if already pregnant, before using this medication.
  • It is advised to take consultation from your doctor if you are breastfeeding. However, data suggests that it is safe to breastfeed while consuming the medication.
  • Exercise on a regular basis as viraday may weaken your bones, also take vitamin D and calcium supplements regularly.
  • Use a good contraception medicine while having viraday as it may cause congenital disabilities and continue it till 12 weeks more after stopping it.
  • Do not buy Viraday 300mg online without prescription.
  • To order Viraday 300mg  online, go for the reputed online stores for good quality medicine.


HIV patients go through physical and mental drawbacks during the treatment process. Viraday 300mg  is one of the widely used medications to help those patients to recover their physical fitness by restricting the increase of the infection in the body. It helps them to improve the quality of their day to day performance in life. You must order viraday online, and buy generic HIV drugs online after being prescribed for touchless delivery experience.

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