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Tenof EM tablet


Brand:Tenof Em


Tenof EM tablet has widespread use in the treatment of HIV AIDS. These tablets belong to the drug group called antiretroviral. It should be noted that Tenof EM tablets do not cure HIV but they decrease the amount of HIV in your body, thus preventing the future spreading of the virus in your body. It also reduces the occurrence of HIV-related complications and increases individuals’ life span. It is also helpful in preventing Infection in high-risk people. Your doctor may prescribe this medicine alone or with a combination of other meds; after that, if you wish to buy Tenof EM online then look through meds websites on the web. Tenof dosage can be adjusted based on your condition by your doctor and must be consumed under your healthcare expert’s supervision.

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Benefits of Tenof EM tablet

The Tenof EM tablet is also sold in the name of Tenofovir or generic Tenofovir. Tenofovir uses shows the beneficial result in HIV infection by controlling the spread and boosting the immune system. The Tenof EM tablet comprises of two active substances that belong to the antiretroviral drug group. This combination slows down the multiplying rate of the HIV infection in your body. It lessens the chances of occurrence of newer infection, thus improves the quality of life.

This prescription may be given to you by your doctor if you are at a high risk of catching HIV infection.By being at high risk mean: if you have a sexual partner who is HIV infected, if you have multiple sexual partners, having unprotected sex, use drugs, Using belongings of HIV infected patient such as toothbrush, razor, etc., It must be consumed within 72 hours of exposure to the infection to prevent yourself from being infected.

Taking medicine every day at the same time, especially at night, has shown effective results in reducing the spread of infection. Tenof EM tablet also enhances CD4 cells count in your blood, i.e., white blood cells known to fight against infections. The medication is also named Tenofovir; several pharma websites allow you to purchase generic Tenofovir online with varying prices.

How to use Tenof EM tablets

Strictly follow the instructions given by your healthcare expert about the dosage to be taken and the time-frame of the course. Consume the tablet as a whole, do not try to crush, break or chew it. The pill must be consumed with food, do not consume this tablet on an empty stomach as it may affect other parts of your body.

Nighttime is considered a convenient time for the intake of the medication for more effectiveness. Please do not skip any dosage as it may result in recovery failure. Once you get prescribed by your doctor for Tenofovir usage, order Tenofovir cash on delivery from reputed online stores.

Side effects

The side effects of Tenofovir that are experienced by the patients usually do not require any medical treatment as they are mild in nature and will go away after short duration. This happens because your body adapts to the medications with time. But do consult your doctor if they do cause long term discomfort to you or are alarming to you.

Commonly experienced side effects of Tenofovir tablets are:

  • Diarrhea
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Rash


  • You must inform your doctor about your last and current medications as Tenof EM tablets may interact with other drugs and components. Also, discuss in detail with your doctor if you have kidney diseases; your doctor may adjust your dosage if you have such problems.
  • Tenof EM tablets may make you feel dizzy or sleepy and affect the alertness level of your brain. So, it is advised not to perform any task that involves high alertness such as driving, using machinery, etc., as it is not safe.
  • This medication may cause weakness to your bones. So do exercise daily.
  • Do not use this medication without a prescription.
  • Be aware of Tenofovir interactions with other drugs and components.


Tenof EM tablets do not cure HIV, but it plays an excellent role in the recovery process of some aspects of better health in HIV patients. When you buy Tenof EM online, make sure to check the track record of the company to avoid getting scammed on quality. Always buy Tenof EM online and other medications as well, from trustworthy companies.

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