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Acivir Eye Ointment




The increase in environmental pollution and microbial potency has brought a rapid deterioration in the individual’s health status. Recently the eye infections have taken a big toll on the health of individuals affecting their daily routine. Herpes simplex virus is a major potent disease-causing agent responsible for cold sores or genital herpes. The virus can cause extreme eye infection in the patients disturbing their health and peace.

The use of acyclovir for cold sores has gained wide popularity among people due to its relief providing effects. Actually, the Herpes virus resides in the facial nerves, which can travel down to the eye nerve, which can cause several vision problems, eye infections, and eyesight disorders. One can buy asivir cream online from popular online medical stores.

Treatment of eye infections via Aciclovir eye ointment

Aciclovir cream for yeast infection is a highly effective medicine widely used to relieve and cure herpes eye infection. The medicine interferes with the growth of viruses and stops their metabolic activities, ultimately stopping the eye infection. It stops the multiplication and proliferation of viruses over the surface of your eyeball. It is also very effective to use acyclovir for cold sores.

The eye infection can be controlled and treated with the ceased production of new viruses. It effectively reduces the swelling, redness, and itchiness of the eye caused by eye infection. Many people like to order acyclovir topical cash on delivery from the trusted online medical stores.

How to use Acyclovir Ointment?

Acyclovir Topical dosage is made for strict external use. The tube should be held close to the eye, still maintaining enough distance from your eye to avoid any contact. The medicine should be placed inside the lower eyelid after squeezing the tube gently. Make sure you clean your eye properly when using this medicine. Many online stores and sites give acyclovir cream for sale at very reasonable costs. When applying the ointment, the frequency of usage should be strictly dependent on your doctor’s advice. You should space out the doses and apply them at least five times a day.

You should use the ointment until the symptoms of the infection disappear completely and you are at complete ease. Acyclovir topical dosage should be strictly in the doctor’s prescription range. One should follow proper precautionary measures when applying this ointment. Make sure you follow a proper eye care plan during the course of infection treatment.

Things to know regarding Acivir intake

Acivir might be a highly effective medicine in treating a herpes eye infection, but it can have some side effects. There are few things to be considered when applying Acivir for cold sores:

  • Sometimes when you apply this ointment, your vision can turn a little blurry. Therefore, it is suggested not to drive or operate any machinery during this condition.
  • When you apply the ointment to your eye, you might face a mild to the severe stinging sensation that can last for a few seconds or minutes after applying ointment.
  • Some patients might feel no improvement, which might further promote irritation, itching, and running eyes.
  • Do not wear contact lenses while you are undergoing the treatment for your infection.
  • Make sure the infection does not spread to your other eye. Continuously clean the eye off dirty water or infection. Do not use the same handkerchief or towel for both eyes. Throw away or clean and disinfect them after each and every use.


If the problems and eye infections continue, try to consult your doctor. In case the medicine proves helpful, you can always buy acyclovir topical cream online. If any of these symptoms continue to persist, the patient should immediately approach their doctor and discontinue the use of this medicine.

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