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Tamiflu vs Acyclovir: Which is better to get rid of the flu virus?

Wed Mar 31

The influenza virus infects the nose, mouth, and sometimes the lungs, causing a contagious respiratory disease. It can lead to moderate to serious illness and occasionally death. A regular influenza vaccine is the safest way to avoid flu. Sleep and lots of fluids are typically needed to recover from the flu. Your doctor can recommend an antiviral medication to treat the flu if you have a serious infection or are at higher risk of complications. Tamiflu and Acyclovir are antiviral drugs, but if we have to compare Tamiflu vs Acyclovir against flu infection and choose one then we can go for Tamiflu. Let’s see how.

Acyclovir description

Acyclovir is an antiviral drug that is also known as Zovirax. Herpes simplex virus infections, chickenpox, and shingles are the most common causes for which it is used. Some applications include avoidance of transplant cytomegalovirus infections and serious Epstein-Barr virus complications. People having varicella, herpes zoster, or suffering from first or repeat outbreaks of genital herpes can buy Acyclovir online.

How does Acyclovir work?

Acyclovir is more effective when used within 48 hours of first symptoms. Acyclovir use should be done till the completion of the treatment procedure. Acyclovir belongs to the synthetic nucleoside analogs family of antiviral drugs. It works by blocking the herpes virus from spreading across the body. Acyclovir may not heal genital herpes and does not prevent it from spreading to others.

Acyclovir uses

Apart from treating Herpes simplex virus infections, chickenpox, and shingles, it is also often used in the treatment of eczema herpeticum (a herpes virus skin infection) in people suffering from human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and in the treatment of oral leukoplakia, and herpetic herpes infections, of the skin, eyes, nose, and mouth. You should be mindful that even if you taking an acyclovir dose for the treatment of genital herpes, it may spread by sexual contact even if you do not have blisters or other signs. Speak to the health care provider about how to avoid genital herpes spread and how your partner should be monitored.

Tamiflu description

Tamiflu is a drug that is used to relieve flu symptoms caused by the influenza virus in patients who have been ill for longer than two days. This medication will also be used to avoid influenza in patients who have been exposed to the infection but have not yet experienced symptoms. Tamiflu for flu would not help you get over a cough. You can treat your Influenza A and Influenza B infection by purchasing cheap Tamiflu pills online from our site.

Tamiflu mechanism of action

Tamiflu should not be used as a replacement for having a flu vaccine every year. The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention advise having an annual flu vaccine to help shield you from new influenza virus strains each year. Tamiflu functions by targeting the influenza virus to mitigate the symptoms of flu. It prevents their growth in the body.

What is Tamiflu used for?

Tamiflu (oseltamivir) is an antiviral drug that prevents influenza virus types A and B from inducing infection in the body. To buy Tamiflu COD online you can visit any reputed online pharmaceutical website and check for the genuine Tamiflu online medicine provider. Significant adverse outcomes are very rare but appear to take place more frequently in children, so if your kid takes Tamiflu and you experience any negative Tamiflu side-effect, talk quickly with your doctor and avoid Tamiflu use. Never order Tamiflu online as its dosage and duration varies from individual to individual.

Tamiflu vs Acyclovir – Which one to choose?

The above comparison between Tamiflu vs Acyclovir clearly states you can order Tamiflu online when you get the Flu Virus. Tamiflu for flu is a prescribed antiviral drug used to cure the flu infection and to keep you prevented from having it if you’ve been around someone else who was infected. On the other side, Acyclovir is the prescribed antiviral drug to treat an entirely different class of viruses like Herpes simplex virus, poxvirus, and shingles. Despite the fact that acyclovir treats viruses it is inactive against the flu and the common cold-causing virus. If you are looking to buy Acyclovir for flu then you are heading in the wrong direction.


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